L’Ambientino del Pescatore

Only the freshest fish for tasty home made dishes.

The Restaurant “L’Ambientino del Pecatore” in Marina di Grosseto proposes very tasty, home made cooking. Nevo, the owner, gets every morning from the local fishermen only the freshest fish which he uses to prepare the dishes of the day.
The cuisine is simple, but always tasty and abundant… like at home.

The restaurant is simple, under a white tent directly on the port of Marina di Grosseto. But the atmosphere is always great, the personal more than friendly and the wines Nevo offers always excellent and at the right temperature.

During the season it is recommended to reserve.

Via Grossetana 1 A | 58100 Marina di Grosseto
Tel.: +39 328 052 3083 | +39 392 858 9185